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Boost! mix their love of rock, blues, 70’s filmscores and psychedelic music with a splash of jazz and a whole lot of “attitude” into an exciting and spectaculair musical stew. Servin’ you steamin’ Hammond sounds, screamin’ guitar and slammin’ drums to get the blood moving again.


In the middle of the covid19 pandemic, Mostert, Hol and Kooger formed a new band to give their stalled lives a BOOST! They started to jam, write new tunes and explore new paths into the unknown.

The result is a new power trio that can best be described as : ‘A Loud & Nasty Rollercoaster Ride ’


Their first album released by ZenneZ records has received rave reviews all over.

Release BOOST! II album May 2024


“The music roars and thunders from bar one. Together they sound like a well-oiled Harley Davidson”



“The Fun these guys have playing together is just contagious”



“If you feel down because of the lockdown, play BOOST! loud!”



“When Hol picks up his instrument, this virtuoso continues to fascinate, the same goes for Mostert, the keyboards have no secrets for him...”

Boost! Official website

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